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Examinations Software

Since 2011, the examinations software LPLUS TestStudio of the Bremen company LPLUS is used to substitute handwritten exams at Freie Universität Berlin, following an intense evaluation and test phase of examinations platforms since 2007.

LPLUS TestStudio©

The LPLUS TestStudio was developed by the Bremen company LPLUS already in 1987. Initially, it was aimed at the national and international training of pilots and air traffic controllers, but was introduced in Further Education Colleges across Germany already in the 1990s. In addition to international companies which use LPLUS TestStudio for internal professional development programmes, universities as well as chambers of industry and commerce have run legally compliant examinations with LPLUS TestStudio since 2004. You can find an overview of the history of and references for LPLUS here.

Features of LPLUS

  • intuitive user-interface for students with few control buttons
  • numerous open and closed question types
  • combination with images, animations, videos as well as third applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
  • comment feature for supplementary comments on each task as well as for student feedback (also for multiple-choice tasks)
  • automatic intermediate storage of all student inputs during an exam
  • possibility for automatic evaluation of all closed questions
  • legally compliant archiving of the exam as well as of all exam results

Sample examination

You can gain an impression of the examinations software via a sample examination. You can find explanations and a link here.