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Sample Examination

Via the following link you can start a sample examination that has been provided by the company LPLUS. This sample examination contains many of the question types that are available in LPLUS TestStudio: link to the sample exam paper.

How to use it

You can complete the sample examination via the following menu bar which will appear once you have started the exam in your browser:

  • Zurück and Vor (back and forwards): with these buttons you proceed to the next question or return to the previous question.
  • Markieren (mark) with the pin: if you are unsure about the answer to a question and want to return to it later, you can "mark" this question.
  • Alle and n.b. (all and not answered): With these two buttons you determine whether you will go through the questions in the given order when using the back and forwards buttons ("Alle"), or whether you will only jump to those questions that you haven't answered yet ("n.b.").
  • Hinweis (note): Should the examiner have added a note to a particular question, the button "Hinweis" (note) will be activated and the text can be opened by clicking on the button.
  • Rechner (calculator): If the examiner has allowed the use of a calculator, this function can be accessed via the respective button.
  • Kommentar (comment): With a click on the comment button a window will open in which the candidates can leave a comment and feedback regarding specific tasks, for example when instructions aren't clear.
  • Ende (end): By clicking on this button the candidate ends the exams. In order to avoid accidental clicks, after having clicked "Ende", a further dialogue box will appear in which the candidate has to confirm that he/she wants to end the exam. Only once this too has been confirmed the exam is really ended. Subsequently, no further login is possible.