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E-Examinations provide many benefits both for lecturers, teachers as well as for examinees. Here's an overview of the most important ones:

Benefits for lecturers and teachers

  • Time Saving during marking: possibilities for automatic evaluation, no more unreadable handwriting

  • Question Repositories, from which future exams or formative (self-)assessments can be compiled

  • Use of Digital Media (e.g. images, video, animations) and third party applications (such as spreadsheet analysis, statistical packages etc.)

  • Quality Assurance for the entire exam and individual questions by applying statistical analysis

Benefits for students and examinees

  • Time Saving: exam results are being made available more quickly

  • Self Assessments: for preparation of the summative examination

  • Quality Assurance over the entire exam and individual questions through statistical analysis

  • Wholistic E-Learning without media discontinuity from the beginning of the course to the computer-based exam

Further information

If you would like to make use of the benefits of computer-based examinations, too, or have any questions regarding E-Examinations, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.