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Massive examination load since the Bologna Process

Conducting and marking paper-pencil examinations has always been time-consuming for lecturers and teachers. With the migration to Bachelor and Master degrees in Germany, the examination load has even dramatically increased, so that marking of exams for large cohorts can take up to several weeks. This is where Freie Universität Berlin's central E-Examination service joins in. By lowering the transition hurdles to computer-based examinations, lecturers and teachers can keep on concentrating on providing the best examination questions and contents to the examinees while benefiting from highly accelerated marking times, thus effectively reducing grading time.

Wholistic E-Learning

Furthermore lecturing, teaching and learning nowadays is heavily intertwined with strong use of digital media. To avoid media discontinuity in examinations, traditional paper-pencil exams are most likely not appropriate anymore.

In the past few years computer-based examinations have proven to both be an option to accelerate marking times and to enrich examinations with digital media, thus maintaining digital media from e-learning scenarios up to the exam.

E-Examinations at Freie Universität Berlin

Since 2007, Freie Universität Berlin through the E-Examination unit at CeDiS, has supported lecturers and teachers with implementation services for computer-based exams.As part of the long term strategy for computer-based examinations, Freie Universität Berlin opened the first E-Examination Center (EEC) in the Berlin-Brandenburg area in februar 2013, bearing space for more than 150 examinees.

If you have general or specific questions concerning the implementation of E-Examinations in your courses, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Overview of E-Examinations