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Technical security and legal safety of E-Examinations are by far the highest priorities at Freie Universität Berlin. In collaboration with the infrastructure team at Freie Universität Berlin's own data center and the legal department of Freie Universität Berlin, the E-Examinations team takes care of both topics.

Technical security

  • The examination software LPLUS TestStudio (LTS) that is used at Freie Universität Berlin has been proven both technical and legally safe since 1987
  • Freie Universität Berlin followed LPLUS' specifications and installed a high performance cluster for e-examinations with redundant database and application servers in the university's data center
  • E-Examination Center's network is separated from the university network. Besides accessing the LTS service, all network access to the internet is blocked.
  • The examination software LTS features automatic intermediate and revisioned storage of all examinees answers every 30 secs, thus allowing the examinee to continue the e-examination without loss of any data even in case of client computer crashes.

Legal safety

Freie Universität Berlin has taken all required legal precautions. E-Examinations are already integral part of the university's general study and examinations statues (Rahmenstudien- und prüfungsordnung der Freien Universität Berlin (german only)n).

Furthermore, in compliance to the legal requirements, digital exam data is archived for long term retrieval (currently 10 years).