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At Freie Universität Berlin you can use both the centrally located PC-pools of the computing centre for your E-Examinations as well as the so-called "digital teaching and examination rooms", where candidates can complete E-Examinations also on their own laptops.

Whether the E-Examinations take place in the laptop-rooms or in the departmental PC-pools, it is likely that the following tools will be necessary:

This tool checks the settings of notebooks/ computers that are necessary for E-Examinations, and makes recommendations where the settings need to be changed to ensure that everything works smoothly during the exam.

For those students who take the computer-based exam on their own notebook at the FU it is necessary to install the LPLUS Secure Browser. This security browser ensures that during that exam, in addition to the exam questions, candidates cannot access materials and applications other than those enabled by the examiner.

Students require this tool in those exam settings in which the central examination software LPLUS cannot be used, but during which students are allowed to access digital applications in order to complete the questions. This tool has been developed specifically for open-book examinations.