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Advice and Service

E-Examinations are a service for lecturers and teachers at Freie Universität Berlin and affiliated institutions. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about computer-based exams.

Our service offers for computer-based examinations include:

1. Comprehensive consulting and service

2. Wholistic support accompanying the examination process

3. Introductory workshops on different topics of E-Examinations

1. Comprehensive consulting and service

Every computer-based examination bears specific requirements regarding the conceptual, logistical and technical implementation. Our services aim at all lecturers and teachers of every department at Freie Universität Berlin and affiliated institutions. With experience in the field of computer-based examination since 2004 we can provide transition plans based on proven time schedules. If you are interested in using computer-based examinations, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our service and support covers all steps towards a successful and sustainable implementation of E-Examinations.

- Transition of traditional paper-pencil to computer-based exams

We are happy to provide you with all required services during transition of existing questions and question pools to Freie Universität's central e-examinations platform LPLUS TestStudio.

- Concepts for open- and closed-book exams and different levels of examination taxonomies

Open-Book exams aim at making the examinee apply knowledge, skills and competencies to new unknown cases, thus allowing the examinee to use learning materials (open-books) during the exam to successfully solve the examination tasks. Closed-Book exams on the other hand often aim at measuring how good the examinee can remember and reproduce already learnt (factual) knowledge. In general open-book exams target at testing of higher learning taxonomies, while closed-book exams target testing of lower learning taxonomies. For both scenarios we will provide extensive formal service and consulting.

- Consulting and support concerning technical security and legal matters (in close cooperation with Freie Universität's Legal Counsel)

In the case of E-Examinations even more so than with traditionally run exams, security issues warrant special consideration. The CeDiS E-Examinations team draws on many years of experience with computer-based exams, from which you will benefit even from the very first planning phase of your E-Examinations.

- Coordination of the organizational and technical workflows

Behind the curtain, E-Examinations are run in close collaboration between CeDiS and other institutions of Freie Universität. If you are planning to conduct computer-based exams, CeDiS will take all required organizational and technical steps for you, lowering the transition hurdles as low as possible for you, allowing you to concentrate on preparing the examinees task and benefiting from accelerated marking. CeDiS is even long term experienced in logistics for mass E-Examinations with more than 600 examinees. Currently, the E-Examination Center holds 151 computer-based work places.

2. Wholistic support accampanying the examination process

Our E-Examination team will be onsite at E-Examination Center with its own support staff throughout the computer-based examination and will make sure that everything runs smooth according to plan.

3. Introductory workshops on different topics of E-Examinations

The CeDiS E-Examinations team offers different workshops on computer-based examinations. Please refer to CeDiS workshops for more information.