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How to contact us

Dear Students,

before contacting us, please consult our FU support Wiki to solve your issue. Over 90% of all students were able to solve their problem by looking it up in our Wiki. The FU support Wiki provides guidelines for the installation and configuration process of the Safe Exam Browser as well as solutions for common problems.

Please respect that the E-Examinations team is not responsible for your admission to the exam. If you experience problems with the registration or login, please contact your instructor.

If you are being asked to enter a password after completing the mock exam (Demoprüfung):

  • solution
  • All mock exams are closed by us shortly before the start of your exam
  • Please understand that we cannot reset already completed mock exams due to the high number of exams and participants

If your issue cannot be solved with the help of the FU support Wiki, please use the contact form below. Requests send to us via any other means of communictation cannot be answered.

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